An Election Gone Bad

This upcoming election is right around the corner and people are anxious to know the results. It could potentially draw our students a part. I think we fail to realize that this election isn’t about policy vs. policy; instead, it’s about fear vs. fear. On the one hand, people are afraid of differences on the lines of gender, race, and sexuality. On the other hand, people are afraid of what the country will be like if the people who are afraid of those differences are in power. These people are worried that their freedoms will be taken away.

What we all need to take away from this is the importance of humanity. When making that choice of either Clinton or Trump we must decide based on the candidate that is accepting of human beings as a whole. Which candidate will let you, your friends, and your peers be comfortable in their own skin. For Martin Luther King says, “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” After so much tension leading up to this election, our country ultimately need peace.

We must put our differences away to unite in making our communities a better place. For America is not a melting pot; rather, it is a pot of colors, uncooked, full of fear. We have followed a path of darkness for far too long and unfortunately it is getting worse. We must stop our hatred of each other and use our voice that our ancestors fought long and hard for to help one another. All in all, when casting that ballot, be considerate of humankind because it is the right thing to do.

Author: Kayla Sullivan

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